We are proud to present our interactive CFO Survey website in the Netherlands, an initiative of the Deloitte CFO Program. The website provides insights into changes over time in CFOs’ attitudes to risk, financing and M&A, and reports trends and turning points for you and your business.

We trust the website will make an interesting platform and highlights the challenges facing CFOs. We also hope it provides you with an important benchmark to understand how your organization compares to your peers.

We have created a timeline, which displays the CFO sentiment over the last five years. This timeline shows the CFO surveys results in relation to articles and global and Dutch events in the same quarter.

Furthermore, the timeline is a way to navigate through the website. Please use the blue cursor or scroll through the quarters. The graph shows three indicators of your choosing, to discover various trends or turning points of the last five years.

Participating CFOs

The participating CFOs are active in a variety of industries: Retail/Wholesale, Manufacturing, Energy/Utilities, Agribusiness, Construction, Real Estate, Services/Consulting, Communication/Media, Leisure/Entertainment, Transportation, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, Software, Technology, and Banking/Finance/Insurance.

We would like to thank all participating CFOs for completing our surveys.